Felting Needles?

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Felting Needles?

Post by Sashalo » Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:19 pm

So i went to out and got some felting needles to help get rid of the cracks in my newly made woolies. At the time i had no idea felting needles came in sizes?! lol.. so i get home and am so excited to felt my cracks (wow sounds awful!!) anyway back to felting my crack.. the needle is what i would call a fine or very small gauge, the lil nicks in the side of the needle are tiny and really don't seam to felt dreads well BUT i made a felt ball sorta.. what is the best size, gauge or however they measure them is best for felting dread cracks!?

& is a multi head tool more effective?

( i tryed twisting the dreads as they came out of the water to help rid them of the crack but i think i am still n the early stages of "perfecting ones technique" due to my newness to the woolie world)

Thanks <3

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Re: Felting Needles?

Post by Squidgy » Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:56 pm

Do the needles have a colour, this is how you tell what they are.
The needle should remove any crack, but it does take a bit of practice... and you will need to hold the wool straight to stop them clumping in to balls... just concentrate on the crack areas, working on about a 2-3inch section, holding the wool taught with your other hand...

Hope this helps!! :D
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