WTB 50 DE - Black - 22''

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WTB 50 DE - Black - 22''

Post by miss_plastik » Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:06 pm

I'm wondering if there are many of the old school sellers around anymore?

I've purchased a number of sets in the last few years and have found that most of the newer sellers seem to only make really skinny smooth dreads that are rock hard. I know some people prefer this style but my scalp just can't handle really hard dreads and I don't like the coverage of really skinny dreads.

I like mine thick (not too chunky!) and that are a mix of smooth and textured. I'm currently wearing a set that are YEARS old from Kellye @ The Cute Alternative and they have always been so comfy.

Feel free to drop me a PM with examples of your work if you are open for orders at the moment.

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