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Re: comments about your hair by the general public

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:03 am
by kitcupcake
Luckily, I work in the comics industry where having weird hair is a huge advantage. People often come to my booth and comment on how much they love my hair, since it's mostly middle-aged men in baseball caps working shows hahaha. When I'm not doing shows, I'm working at home where there's no dress code so I can do whatever I want to my hair without really worrying about it. Negative comments are so few and far between that when someone does say something it just rolls off my shoulders anyway. [Plus, I make a pretty good living working in comics, so it's hard to hurt my feelings when I'm doing something I enjoy AND I'm making bank at the same time.] :lol:

Re: comments about your hair by the general public

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:50 pm
by SammiiSynthetic
:lol: oh my, all these comments :D
(also, reviving this thread!)

Hm, I don't think i've had too many comments on my hair when I've had my dreads in, actually.. I suppose I don't wear them too much + go out much :?
But I get far more positive comments then bad thank goodness :D I mean, I don't really care about the bad comments, but of course they're annoying :lol:

I suppose the most recent was when I was at a dollar store, and I believe I just had pink and purple hair at the time, maybe it was just purple.. either way. This oldish lady was totally like "OH I love your hair! You remind me of burning man! it makes me so happy :D" and I was just like "aw :oops: Thank youuu"
Although I was slightly confused because I was even wearing just some pretty normal clothes.. like a black top under a black hoodie with black leggings and a black skirt with black knee high converse! :lol: (wow so gawth ;D)

There was also this old lady out walking her dog when I was walking to the store, and she was like "Whoaaa how'd you get your hair like that?" and I just told her, "uh well, bleach and dye" :lol: and she actually said it was so cute :oops: d'awh.. old ladies. Then we kinda talked for a little bit and I pet her dog cause she said he wanted to be pet and if he didn't get pet he'd get all sad... :lol:

Another cute/kinda confusing one.. is when this little girl was with her grandma, and I could hear her telling her grandma about my hair and stuff and then I guess she was too shy, so then her grandma came up to me and said something like "my granddaughter just adores your hair and wanted me to tell you that she thinks you look like the little mermaid!" ^_^
But the confusing part, my hair was either pink or blue at the time! :lol: Not red :P But hey, she loved it 8-)

and of course theres been a bunch of little kids spazzing out over my hair c:
But once there was a little kid who actually seemed a bit pissed off by my existence :i6: Parent didn't seem to keen on it either.. I guess she already brainwashed him into thinking non-"normal" people are horrid. :(

But I don't think any people have actually SAID anything bad to me.. hm... They just look horrified like omgwtfisthishorriblethinghere :lol: :lol:

I guess I could go on forever about allll the comments, but i'll stop here for now ;)

Oh yeah, and my dad says my dreads remind him of predator. :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol: