Guide to Finding Human Hair

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Guide to Finding Human Hair

Post by Couture_Coiffure » Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:15 pm

There have been a number of topics I have noticed where people buy weft extensions that are labeled 'human hair', only to wind up with something that can neither be dyed or heat-styled, so I thought having this guide would be useful.

Read the Package Carefully

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are shopping, particularly when you are in a store and can actually see the product. While there are plenty that advertise to be human hair, there are some that contain synthetic fibers and are not 100% human hair.

Example 1

Image [Source:]

Our product is made of high quality synthetic fibers and 100% human hair

This is why reading product descriptions and packages is so important. At first glance, one would think this hair would be suitable for dying/heat styling, but since it contains synthetic fibers, neither of those things would be possible.

Example 2

Image [Source:]

Jazz Wave Human Hair Weave Extentions - Irresistibly Rich Texture, Premium Human Hair. Tangle Free, Shed Free, Advanced Weft, Washable and Heat Styling!

This is exactly what you want in terms of quality human hair.

Ask Questions

Whether you are buying from a beauty shop or on-line store, be sure to ask the right questions, such as if you will be able to heat style the hair. Do not be fooled by lower prices, which are usually a good indication that there are synthetic fibers in the hair.


When dealing with weaving hair, there are generally two kinds of textures, yaky and silky. The first is more textured and matches well with hair that is slightly wavy or poofy, and the second is more like hair after it's been treated to a flat iron.


This is the over all quality of the hair, the lowest being the synthetic/human blend and the highest being Remy, which f course is without a doubt 100% human.

Hopefully this will help people and prevent them from buying something they did not want, and the guide can also be applicable to wigs.
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