Crocheting Synthetic Dreads..

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Crocheting Synthetic Dreads..

Post by thegypsysdreads » Thu May 10, 2012 3:25 pm

Hey All, Hopefully someone can help me out with this.. I understand how to make the natural looking synthetics, (back comb, boiled water, palm roll,) But I'm curious about the actual crocheting to.. I guess.. make it tighter? Is it done just like you would on a human hair dread, where you have your "tube of dread" and just go at it with a hook at an angle and twist? Hopefully you guys can help me out

Thank you :)

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Re: Crocheting Synthetic Dreads..

Post by IKickShins » Mon May 14, 2012 8:15 am

Yes, you can crochet natural style synthetic dreads like you would with real dreads. You can use human hair extensions to make dreads that way too.
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Re: Crocheting Synthetic Dreads..

Post by Celestial-Fox » Tue May 15, 2012 7:47 am

Do crocheted dreads need to be resealed more often than backcombing?

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Re: Crocheting Synthetic Dreads..

Post by danixdorko » Tue May 15, 2012 3:41 pm

I would say no. My experience with crochet dreads is they hold up a bit better and last longer than twisted synth because they don't unwind like twisted dreads can with wear. Usually natural style dreads will tighten up a bit the more you wear them. That being said it is a good idea to palm roll them like you would with real dreads every once in a while to help them out too.
Usually I'll boil them once after crocheting, and that's it. Unless of course you want to add texture (waves or curls) or flatten them out if they get kinked.
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