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Matt Removal

Post by out.of.wonderland » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:02 am

Have you had your dreads in too long; have a couple fall out, and now your natural hair is matted beyond belief in some spots? That's what happened to me, and I found a simple way to fix it.

Supplies Needed:
Detangling Spray

Optional step: It's a really good idea to put all your loose, non-matted hair into a ponytail, so you don't lose anymore hair than needed.

1. Soak the matt and the hair around the matt with with detangling spray; sometimes you may have to spray the back and the front of the matt and press it together, just to make sure it's soaked all the way through.

2. Gently pull out all the small bits of hair (1-3mm pieces, any bigger and it might irritate your scalp) that are keeping the matt anchored to your scalp. Don't fret if this doesn't work (see step 4).

3. If you can, keep working out the small bits of hair until you have the matt hanging from just a couple hairs; and gently slide it off of the hairs remaining. You may be surprised at the size of the matt, but it's generally just shedded hairs and bits of dust mounded together, so don't be too concerned. (Better having it out than in, right?)

4. If it's anchored too close to your scalp to pull away; it's time to get out the scissors (don't be afraid, I found a method to lose as little hair as possible). Grab the matt and snip it in half with the scissors pointed upwards towards your scalp, but be careful not to accidently snip yourself! Now you have 2 matts to work with instead of one, and they're usually much easier to work with. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with both pieces of the split matt; and it should be successfully removed, yay!

Hope this helps!
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