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Make Up Consultations For Men

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:47 pm
by zaahn
Hey guys, hope you can help me :)

My boyfriend is a TV and as part of our New Years resolutions we've both decided to be a bit more girly, so I thought i'd try and get us both a make up consultation to buy all the right kit.

Problem is - neither of us have ever really worn make up on a daily basis, and my knowledge extends as far as putting on some mascara for special occasions :P so i've no idea where to go for this! I thought about John Lewis but obviously im a little worried they wont want to cater for men or might give it a go but make my partner uncomfortable, which is the last thing I want when he'll be taking such a big step to becoming more girly in his everyday life. Thats nerve racking enough I think.

So basically I want to know:

+ Can anyone recommend somewhere I might be able to book and explain the situation, or even get a private consultation, but at a big make up store so we can buy all the goods?

+ Does anyone know a beautician or some kind of make up artist who could do lessons but also recommend products to buy elsewhere? Since neither of us know what we're doing :P

Nottinghamshire area would be preferable but I wouldn't mind travelling an hour or so :)

Thanks in advance!

Re: Make Up Consultations For Men

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:28 pm
by Bomber
I would highly recommend Illamasqua if you choose to visit a counter. You can book what they call "transformations" which cost £30, they're more like a make up lesson than a makeover and the price is redeemable against products. The counter in Birmingham as well, despite being in Selfridges is nicely secluded and hidden away at the back.

Every counter assistant I've spoken to at both Birmingham and in the London store have been absolutely lovely, the people who work for them vary from "normal looking" (but not orange like at a lot of make up counters!) to completely divine looking creatures, they're all very open minded so I really don't think you'd have any trouble with your boyfriend with them