Skinny Dreads, Fat Extensions + When To Add Extensions

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Skinny Dreads, Fat Extensions + When To Add Extensions

Post by girl or god » Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:24 am

Hello all. I recently (a few days ago) restarted my second set of soon to be dreads. I had my old set for about 2 1/2 years and have spent the last few months growing my hair out to start all over again. I have no idea on how many I have in there but it's either very close to 100 or a bit over 100. So they are going to be much much skinnier this time around.

When I put in dread extensions I like them to be big, huge, extra long, obnoxious and fluffy :lol: but I'm a bit concerned if I can even add huge dreads to my skinny mini dreads. :cry: For my last set I alternated between the Hair Police method and single enders. Also some experimental dreads that were the product of felting together 3 or 4 SE together to make the "uber dread". My old sections were always large enough that I was able to put multiple single enders of various sizes at the root of each dread to give extra height.

Since I would really rather not go the HP route again...I was thinking about alternating between thicknesses. Like have x amount of skinny, x amount of medium, x amount of fatties so that there aren't massive gaps in color/size. But have the skinny & medium dreads in 24/7 for however long. Then add & remove the fatties when the feeling strikes but always remove them the same day as the install. I'm not sure if that would work? I don't think anything but super skinny DE would be able to fit in at the root so that leaves me with SE again or TE. Which I am okay with. Pictures & experiences with this would be lovely!

Since I started my last set with synthetic extensions braided in at the root I don't have personal experience with this last part. When is it okay to install synthetic dreads, for 24/7 usage, at the root to natural dreads? Having black hair makes me so sad and I really want to avoid dyeing my hair at all costs. Last time I think I waited until around 6 or 8 months when I switched to extenders with extra extensions placed at the root. But again I have no experience with this part.
Thanks so much everyone! <3 Sorry this was so long! I can't seem to fall asleep and I am abusing the internet greatly. :oops:

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