Ordered Dreadlocks and want to dye

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Ordered Dreadlocks and want to dye

Post by CLOUDxHORROR » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:07 am

Hi everyone this is my first post so dont get angry because yes i have searched this and i just wanted more clarity and step by step to what i am trying to do, so i have bought bleached synthetic dreads to attach in/around my dreads i already have, i would like to dye these and the NEWER SPLAT with two colors, i would like to know if anyone has used this Newer one or i suppose SPLAT in general and what steps they took to do it right without ruining the synthetic hair and getting them dyed very well, i noticed when younger this splat stuff really worked well, bright and stayed in well but when wet it would just drip and drip red so im basically wondering in the steps of dying, when you have to rinse, how do you keep that nice color??
Thanks to who reads this!
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