How to Cut Your Hair Bundles

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How to Cut Your Hair Bundles

Post by alihair » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:20 am

Thanks to shows like "bundles with frontal", Hair Bundles have become extremely popular among celebrities and regular women alike. Unfortunately, salon applications can cost upwards of $200. This has led to many women buying their own for self application, which can often cause problems with length. It is important for your hair extensions to blend naturally with your own hair to avoid unsightly lines and an overall tacky look. For this reason it can sometimes be necessary to cut your own extensions to create harmony with your brazilian hair.

1. Style your hair how you want it with your Hair Bundles in place.

2. Stand in front of a large mirror where you can easily see your whole head and hair without having to move around and lay some old newspapers on the floor around you to catch the hair as you cut it.

3. Section your hair off into three sections. Run the comb from the back point of your parting to behind your right ear and tie this section off with a brazilian hair. Do the same on the other side, then tie the free hair at the back up as the third section.

4. Remove the hair band from the right-hand section. Comb the whole section down gently until the comb reaches the ends of your brazilian hair. Hold the comb there and carefully snip away any hairs that are longer than the end of the comb.

5. Run a finger an inch below your parting through the full width of the right-hand section of hair, then lift this section up slightly to separate it. Run your comb through this section of hair from underneath and stop when you get to the ends of your natural hair. Snip away any excess hair that exceeds the natural hair length, then clip this section out of the way and repeat this step until you've worked your way through the rest of the right-hand section.

6. Unclip the bundles with frontal section and gently comb it to remove tangles. Place a finger on your parting an inch back from your forehead, then run it straight down the right-hand side of your head to create a vertical section of hair in front of it. Run your comb through this section of hair at a 45-degree angle from your head. Hold the comb at the ends of your natural hair and cut away any longer hairs, following the angle of the comb. Clip this section out of the way then work back through the rest of the right-hand section in the same fashion.

7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 with the other two sections of hair.

8. Cut your bangs. Position the comb in the same angle as the cut of the bangs (i.e. hold the comb straight if you have straight-cut bangs), then run the comb through the bangs in this position until it lines up with the ends of your natural hair and cut off any hairs that are longer than the rest.

9. Check the back of your hair by positioning a handheld mirror at the back of your head while you stand in front of a large mirror and look at the reflection. Check the rest of your hair by running your fingers through corresponding sections on either side of your head at the same time to ensure they are roughly the same length. Overall you should not be able to tell the bundles with frontal between your extensions and your natural hair unless there is a color difference.

10. Seal the ends of the extensions with a specialist brazilian hair sealer to avoid fraying and shedding.

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