How to choose the right wig

Critical observations about your technique for installations, wear or use.
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How to choose the right wig

Post by alihair » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:51 am

Choose from face
Round face: You can choose to cover the cheeks in the Brazilian Hair, so that the performance of the face as long as possible, while the plump face looks petite.

Oval face: You can choose some Liu children four or six points or three seven joints, the overall large wavy Human Hair Weave, smooth lines set off in the lower jaw, will make the entire face look vivid and streamlined.

Square face -: This face of the woman must be careful, if not pay attention, will make their blunt facial shortcomings exposed, so should try to choose some lower level on both sides, Malaysian Hair Weave, make the face look Softer, make you more gentle and charming.

Diamond face -: choose long hair more suitable, especially the fluffy forehead, the lower jaw is also full of hairstyle, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated.

Choose from your skin tone
Partial white: Although the partial white color is natural beauty, but if the wig's improper color choice, make you look very unhealthy, remember reddish brown, light brown this reddish and very soft color will make you Ruddy and angry face.

Partial yellow: yellowish skin color You can use the natural black and light brown and other darker colors, will make the yellowish skin appears a lot of white. Do not choose the yellow hair color, it will make the skin does not look good even more ugly.

Natural skin tone: This skin is the best, looks healthy and shiny, there is great choice of hair color, such as yellow, reddish brown, wine red, purple, dark coffee, etc. are very suitable.

Partial black: Severe skin pigmentation, skin tone will look dull and dull, the hair color to use some natural black, dark orange and other foil, will make his face bright.

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Re: How to choose the right wig

Post by met » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:45 am

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