Wig should be how to care

Critical observations about your technique for installations, wear or use.
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Wig should be how to care

Post by alihair » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:40 am

Beautiful women will choose wigs to help themselves to Brazilian Hair, wigs are very important and practical beauty tools, with a wig you can do a face girl. And now wigs of good quality, not only look special look good shape, more importantly, wigs and real Human Hair Weave little difference, looks exactly like the real. Wig care what are the points to remember?

Comb gentle action
Wigs should be combed before use, put on the Malaysian Hair Weave after a little combing just fine. Comb wigs generally use the more sparse comb as well, when combing the wig to adopt oblique combing method, can not be straight comb, and the action should be light;

Do not use hairpins
In order to prevent strong winds to wig the wig, some people like to use a hairpin to clamp the wig. However, the hair clip can not be too hard, otherwise, easy to get rid of wig net sets. Therefore, it is best not to use the hairpin, the wig can be used to decorate the hair straps fixed wig;

Do not use hand twist when washing
Often wear hair sets, usually two to three months to wash once appropriate. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb, and then dilute the conditioner solution while washing and combing. Can not twist with both hands, but can not wash the wig in the washing liquid. It is best to use wig-specific shampoo.

Specific cleaning methods are as follows
Genuine hair care, washing method is relatively simple. First shampoo on the water, and then wig immersion (warm, hot water can be), and then a small amount of conditioner on the water, the wig immersed in about three minutes out, and finally wipe the water with a towel hanging on Veranda dried into the box after the save, but also along the original hair will be combed hair, and then set in a plastic rack.

Artificial hair wash should pay attention not to use the washing machine washing, hand wash can not be used when the temperature, hot water, must be washed with cold water, the steps are the same as the real hair method. After using a towel to dry the water, comb the hair again and then shape it with a hair dryer (do not comb it during the washing process). Do not expose to the sun because such wigs are heat treated and shaped. Once in contact with a heat source Will be variant, so away from heat (like air conditioning, heating, hair dryer, etc.) storage.

Remember the four points of care, you can enjoy the beauty of the wig for a long time. Wig if care, its life is very long Oh.

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