How to Remove Hair Extension Bonds

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How to Remove Hair Extension Bonds

Post by alihair » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:40 am

Bonded hair extensions are fused to your Brazilian Hair with a special type of glue that holds them securely in place. This is fantastic while you are enjoying the body and volume that Malaysian Hair. Yet when the time comes to remove your additional tresses and return to your natural look, you will need to take some care to fully remove the hair extension bonds to ensure that your Ombre Hair Weave is not damaged.

1. Clip your hair so that you can see your hair extension tracks. They will be close to the scalp, and you will be able to see and feel the places where the hair extensions have been bonded to your real hair. Clip your hair so that it is parted away from the tracks, and you can get to them easily.

2. Spray the oil sheen on the bonded area of the track. Really saturate the hair. This will help loosen up the hair extension bonds and start to dissolve the glue. As you spray, work the oil sheen into the bonded area.

3. Slather the hair grease onto the natural hair at the top of the extension. This will help loosen the hair extension bonds even more. Wiggle the hair gently and try to start working the extension loose as you apply the hair grease.

4. Lift the track out of your hair. If you feel the natural hair pulling, then add more hair grease. If you encounter resistance from the bonded area, put on more hair sheen. As you continue to lift the track, you will be able to remove the track from your hair. However, you will still have some of the hair extension bonds left in your hair once the tracks are out.

5. Wash your hair with cold water. Do not use hot water or the hair extension bonds will melt and re-fuse to your hair. Washing with cold water and shampoo will feel kind of like you are rinsing gravel out of your hair. Scrub thoroughly, and shampoo more than once if necessary. You can also condition multiple times. Once you have finished washing your hair, you should feel only a minimal amount of graininess in your hair from the bonds.

6. Blow dry your hair on the cool setting. As with the water, heat will melt the remnants of the hair extension bonds. Use the comb to brush the particles of hair extension bond out of your hair as you blow dry it.

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Re: How to Remove Hair Extension Bonds

Post by met » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:45 am

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