Our Very First Dread Adventure

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Our Very First Dread Adventure

Post by GeeWxy » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:43 am

Hey lovelies!

Recently my friend and I discovered a store near us that sells kanekalon so we attempted dread-making. I gave a really weak attempt a year or so ago, but I don't want to talk about that...

These are our first few and we were wondering what you thought of them. For our sealing method, we use the wash cloth and hair straightener method and for sealing the ends we use pliers and the hair straightener. As for the two on the right (in the first three photos), in order to get rid of the fly-aways we sprayed water directly onto the dread once it was sealed and twisted the hair straighter around it. It leaves little melted streaks behind and I was wondering if there was a way to avoid that while still getting rid of the fly-aways. Or maybe the streaks aren't that noticeable and we should just carry on.

Thank youuu!

(That one in the front is really melted, we messed up lol)

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Re: Our Very First Dread Adventure

Post by [Phexxie] » Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:19 pm

really nice first attempt!

i would say a little more backcombing first off, they do look nice and solid and that will come from your sealing method
i use the straightener/damp cloth method myself, and it does product solid dreads, i think you mention you twist the straightener around the dread? thats what i do which helps to flatten some flyaway hairs down

all dreads do, unfortunately, have some flyaway bits
you can trim them but be careful as you can end up doing more damage than good!
i find, personally, that 'tighter' backcombing can help somewhat with the flyaway bits, its a little hard to explain but i will try!

when you do your initial backcomb, you end up with a big flufy mess, what you want to do is pull it out to lengthen it but leaving some knots behind and then go back in, backcombing in small, precise strokes
it sort of keeps it much tighter and more 'together' if that makes any sense at all?
i think this may also contribute to my dreads being more solid but they last an age

the KK you use can also make a difference, some KK is brittle and snaps a lot during backcombing which creates more flyaway bits, i use Jazzy brand because i find it is a bit stronger but still backcombs and seals nicely

definitely always use a damp cloth with straighteners though, otherwise you will get those melted bits, you can just twist the ends right down longer than you need them, seal them whilst keeping your fingers out of the way and then just snip off the extra length :)

i hope that helps somewhat! but they do look great for your first try so keep it up, practise makes perfect :)

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