What Hair Color is Right for You?

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What Hair Color is Right for You?

Post by alihair » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:47 am

Giving up human hair weave your natural hair color has never been regarded as a simple procedure – and it most certainly doesn’t start at the salon, with you holding a fashion magazine telling your remy hair bundles hair colorist “Get me this color!” In fact, choosing the hair color that is right for you means considering that picture-perfect shade which best compliments your skin tone, and draws attention to your eyes.

Going for a radical hair makeover just because it’s on-trend and stylish, without considering whether or not it compliments your face, could result in a strange, unnatural-looking appearance, or even worse, it could make you look years older! Always ask for an expert’s advice as to what hair color is right for you.

Consider Your Natural Hair Color
Just before deciding on a specific semi- or permanent hair dye shade, you should consider the natural pigmentation of your hair. Therefore, if you want a healthy-looking hair color that doesn’t easily wash out, you should consider the shades your natural hair reflects when standing in the brightly-shining sun. By doing this, you get to decide which shade you’ll try on when changing your hair color - since you’ll be sure it looks natural against your skin.

Don’t Forget about Your Skin Tone
It’s not exactly rocket science, but not as easy and simple as picking red, brunette or blonde either! Let’s suppose you’re going for a blonde hair color: if your natural hair color is a light brown and your skin tone is somehow pinkish, then you should carefully consider a medium golden blonde – anything brighter than this will make your face look too rosy.

Likewise, if you’re not sure about what hair color is right for dark skin, you need to know that darker tones look best with reds and medium to dark chocolate brown shades. These rich hues look amazing against your warm skin tone - perking up your features and making your eyes look even brighter. If you want something lighter, you should best stick to caramel brown or dark natural blonde shades.

Brighten up Those Eyes
If you want to brighten up those lovely green eyes or make your deep brown eyes even more mysterious, then you need to ponder over your eye color when you’re wondering what hair color is right for you. Green eyes, for example, look best with deep reds, medium to dark blondes and chestnut brown shades, while medium burgundy, light caramel brown and ash blonde shades make brown eyes appear even darker.

quazi eshita
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Re: What Hair Color is Right for You?

Post by quazi eshita » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:48 pm

Experimenting with hair color is a trend followed many people across the globe. From cupcake pink and crimson bomb to octane auburn and nuclear scarlet, you name it and you’ll get it. Making bold fashion decisions when it comes to hair can be a risky business as the results may not turn out the way you expected in the first place. The first step in the right direction when it comes to hair dye starts with choosing the right product such as the Special Effects Hair Dye. This can’t be emphasized enough as the end result is mostly dependent on what product you’ve used in the first place. :i10: :i10:

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