Full lace wigs?

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Full lace wigs?

Post by CypressTree » Sun May 27, 2012 2:58 am

Four months ago, I did something very, very silly and shaved ALL my hair off.

It was awesome. I swear.

Now, with two-and-a-half-inch growth for hair, I find myself wanting a lace wig to sew into my hair when it gets long enough to actually sew anything into. So my questions are as follows:

1) Is it better to make my own or buy one?
2) Where can I buy one/the materials to make one?
3) Are they expensive/how are they made? Does anyone have a tutorial?
4) How long is long enough to sew in a wig?
5) Does anyone have a tut?

Thank you! :)

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Re: Full lace wigs?

Post by strandzofadiva » Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:36 pm

I don’t think there is a better way, only the way that works for an individual. If one has time on their hands and enjoy the art of creativity making a lace front would be the better way; whereas an individual pressed for time and struggles with construction due to the proverbial two left thumbs would simply purchase instead.

For the creative You tube offers an array of tutorials on wig making traditional, Lace, and falls.

I have a blog that has post discussing the various types of lace available Swiss, French, German just to name a few, all lace is not the same the difference is designed to fit the wearer according to their natural hair level. There are also tips on purchasing wigs. The more you know before you purchase a wig /wig materials the more likelihood of you walking away pleased instead of frustrated.

Lace fronts come in
Human hair those made of remy/remi, are most expensive.
Human hair blend, less expensive than 100% human
Synthetic most affordable

Check out these Posts for pics and info: Lace fronts custom made and Lace Fronts standard made on my blog, Thanks

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Re: Full lace wigs?

Post by Diavolos » Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:36 pm

For me it wouldn't even be a question at all. Make it myself, get the materials and know what I buy (buy good quality as cheap as possible) and make it.

You can find all things you need to know in youtube so you can see what you do.

Things you will have to know and work out in your head are these:

1) Make the wig cap, foundation (do you want it to be a full lace, lace front or just tracks of tresses)
  • * Full lace is the best and takes the most time
  • * Lace front is the most used, it takes normal amount of time
  • * Tracks only... this is used mostly by blacks girls that either don't care or they can get away with it, not recommended
2) The tools you will need, head block, measure your head, or tape to make a mold of your head is preferred
  • * Full lace also needs base lace sturdy and thick, front lace thinner and more delicate, stitching needles and thread, ventilating needles, bulk hair about 2~3 inches longer than what your end product length you want to have
  • * Tracks only also need some base cap that is stretchy enough to be worn by you, stitching needles and thread, wefted hair enough to put a lot of rows of hair for a full head wig
  • * Lace fronts requires all the previous but you want to make the cap this way so you have lace in the top and front areas and tracks sawn everywhere else
3) Cut and style the wig according to your preference.
  • * take it to a hairdresser if you don't know what you are doing :D

In general it is rather hard to make a wig if you never did one before. You can save money and can make a very good quality wig if you put enough effort to it... It just takes time

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