Little Stray Hairs and a Short Wig

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Little Stray Hairs and a Short Wig

Post by Miss Liberty » Wed May 05, 2010 4:07 pm

Greetings All!

I was wondering if I could pick some brains on a problem I have been having with my Professional Only wig.

The wig I have is this one seen here: ... 1e567ffdcf

I really like this wig, but I am not feeling very confident wearing it out. My real hair is currently a burgundy color, soon to be a mix or orange and yellow. The tiny hairs around my sideburns and the VERY short hairs at the back of my neck begin to poke out of the wig as I move around. Since the wig is shorter than shoulder length you can really see the hairs in the back. The ones on the side I can sort of hide by wearing a headband over the wig.

How would I stop this from happening? I am not currently using a wigcap. I feel they are kind of expensive for what they are (10 dollars, really?) I have tried a thick cloth hairband which keeps most of my real hair tucked up nicely, but those tiny short hairs still weasel their way out. I am thinking that even with a wig cap this might happen. Have any of you had luck with wig caps in this way?

I thought about plastering the problem hairs with hairspray or gel, but those things leach color out of my real hair so I would like to avoid them if possible. Plus, will they hold the hairs through rough misuse like while dancing?

I don't think it would be so noticable if my hair was a better color match. However, since the wig is a polar blue/white and my hair is an auburn it is QUITE noticable. Any recommendations for this? I have seen a few girls in nightclubs wearing wigs of similar lengths and having similar problems, so I don't know that it is too much of a big deal, but I HATE a dead giveaway that its not my hair. I even ordered a wig in this length because my real hair is about the same length, so people might have to second guess whether I colored it or its a wig.

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Re: Little Stray Hairs and a Short Wig

Post by Ice_Pick_Abortions » Wed May 05, 2010 4:18 pm

What about shaving the ones on the back off? An inch or so wouldn't really be noticeable, I dunno about the side ones though!
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Re: Little Stray Hairs and a Short Wig

Post by guest123 » Wed May 05, 2010 4:30 pm

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Re: Little Stray Hairs and a Short Wig

Post by Stilldawn » Wed May 05, 2010 5:28 pm

I was going to suggest shaving too as the back of it sounds like its the hair that grows out of the natural dominant hair line. If it is within the dominant hairline I would shave as a final alternative. Try the tape thing first. But when I cut my friends hair she has alot of hair that grows lower than her actual hairline, and I shave that for her so when she wears her hair up its not an issue.

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