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IKickShins aka LeperQueen

Post by IKickShins » Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:08 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm Sarah, aka IKickShins or LeperQueen. I've been around since the old EZBoard and was fairly active on the HH board as well.

I first became interested in fake hair when years of dying my waist-length natural hair SFX Blood Red had taken such a toll that it was dissolving (yikes!) I installed my first braided extensions when I discovered Quinnster's website about 9 years ago and haven't looked back. I used to wear a lot of bright red braids and dreads, but now I mostly stick to loose extensions or falls that match my natural hair color.


I've been selling hair since 2001. I've worked with just about every material there is, except I'll openly admit that I'm a bit roving-challenged. I'm also secretly not very good at *cutting* hair, so you'll never find me offering to install loose extensions on anyone other than myself because I'd probably make a total mess of things ;)

Outside of the hair world, I finished up my master's degree in library science in May 2009. I was originally planning to become a public librarian, but I've since decided to stick with doing hair full-time. Throw in a bachelor's in English and another in History and I'm up to three degrees that I don't use (and likely never will).


I currently live in northern California with my husband Geoff, a parakeet named Sir Reginald BlackBird of Birdshyre, and two cats: Captain Francis James Morgan Esquire, and Mayor Hallie Catherine Wilkins.


I named my first cat Captain Morgan because even though I don't like rum, I wanted him to have a distinguished title. At my last apartment, I didn't want to pay to have my phone number unlisted, so I changed my first name in the phone book to "Admiral." Now I can proudly say that I outrank my cat.

I can't possibly think of a better way to end this introduction than that :)
I Kick Shins - Now stocking olive green, pistachio, & neon purple kk jumbo braid!
IKS @ Etsy - Clip-in streaks & top hats galore!
Facebook - You know the drill ;)

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