Hiya from supervixxen!

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Hiya from supervixxen!

Post by supervixxen » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:05 pm


This is Lauren, aka supervixxen. I've used this handle from when I first joined Quinnster's EZBoard years ago. I was a mod on there and a mod/admin on Heavenly Hair.

I'm the odd duck as far as your mods/admins go, as I don't make fake hair much anymore. I keep my head shaved so there's not much use in making hair for myself, and I have no desire to join the ranks of online hair-sellers since there are so many wonderfully talented people selling already.
I'm a hairdresser specializing in creative colour design and corrective colour. I'm not currently working in a salon but that will change once I get my license transferred from Texas to the pit in which I currently reside, Mississippi.
Colour is my specialty, and I love helping people reach their colour goals whether they are going to DIY it or plan on going to a pro. Online consultations are fun for me and I enjoy giving step-by-step instructions, so if you have an idea in mind, feel free to ask for guidance.

I may not make fake hair, but I do installs of just about anything from micro-ring loose extensions to tubular crin ("cyberlox") and have started several sets of natural dreads for clients. I'm itching to do some human hair extensions on natural dreads, but my client pool is pretty limited due to my location. Someday, though! :)

Other than my interest in hair, I'm a science geek. I love insects, parasites and reptiles, and I hope to resume my graduate studies in entomology within the next few years. I've worked in cat rescue for about seven years (mostly Siamese Rescue but I have fostered for Devon Rex Rescue) and am passionate about spay/neuter and animal health.
I'm also a beer connoisseur and I believe I can find a beer that even the most adamant beer-hater will enjoy!

So...that's me, pretty succintly!

- supervixxen

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