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Kristabel is MissAnthropik

Post by MissAnthropik » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:31 am

Hi, I am Kristabel, otherwise known as MissAnthropik (previously dreadfairy, and I am MissAnthropii on lj).

I make dreads. I make chunkyish, organic, natural looking dreads. I have been making dreads for 7 years. Mostly for myself, but occasionally I can be persuaded to make some for you, and I treat my friends here and there. I also do a multitude of other things to my own hair including braids, cornrows, loose extensions... In fact I will dabble in anything, and have tried most things, concluding that the thing I love making, wearing and looking at is, as I had first thought, dreads!

I also am very keen on wigs. I make dread wigs (and think I may have been the first person to make one on a pair of tights), and wear wigs of any description. If I am extensionless I am usually in a wig of some sort

I am not a hair seller, although if I was I would be PlastikOrganik, and on the occasions I do sell this is the name I use. The reason I don't sell is that I have a full time job - I am a primary school teacher - which doesn't leave me with all that much spare time, term time at least. The spare time I do have tends to be devoted to exercising, cooking, making my own hair, surfing the net, going to the cinema, eating out and reading. I don't really feel I have enough spare time for it to be worth me setting up a business, but I do occasionally sell hair if people approach me as I can then decide whether it fits into my current schedule, and I do like seeing my hair creations on other people!

I have been wearing fake hair for nearly 8 years and making it for 7 years. I was an active member on the ezboard, and then become a moderator on there, and I have been a moderator on Heavenly Hair since it's conception.

I don't think there is much else to say, but I am happy to answer any questions! (provided they aren't too personal, lol)

This is me:

telling it like it is!

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