Littlepinkfaery says 'Hi!'

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Littlepinkfaery says 'Hi!'

Post by LittlePinkFaery » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:03 am

Hi there,

I am littlepinkfaery :)

I was an active member over on the old Ezboard (or Hairboard!) and a mod from the start at Heavenly Hair.

I have worn most things in my hair at some point and have an active interest in all things fake hair!

I have been making falls for sale for about 7 years. I have a registered business. For many years I traded at major Goth events in the UK, notably, Whitby Gothic Weekend and Carnival of Souls in Derby. I specialise in using wool and creating wool pieces- I have some fairly unique designs and concepts (that were certainly unique when I first designed them!). At one point I was the only person in the UK to make wool twist dreads- imagine that! There were only about 3 people doing it across the fake hair world! how things change!

It is my belief that wool can be as, if not more beautiful than synth dreads. Too many people make thin wool falls and it does wool no favour- wool is lighter than dreads so you can put more in your fall! Wool should be carefully blended or knotted, braided, crocheted- never just plonked straight on your head from granny's knitting box!

I love colinette- but I like to layer it and shape the fall :)

I also use synthetic hair for pony falls and braiding and I LOVE to backcomb banshee falls and wigs! ( which were pretty much my trademark for a long time- they still are really!)

The only thing I don't make is synthetic dreads- I can do it, but they are not the best,and my opinion was, if I couldn't match the best of the best, then I wouldn't make them. Besides, I always preferred wool and roving!

In my early hair days, it took me nearly 6 months to find out what 'cyberlox' was- it was very rare and no one gave away their secrets! Gosh you lot have it easy now!

I currently do not trade at stalls anymore due to work commitments. My online business is still running- the shop often states closed but I can be persuaded to come out of hibernation once in a while!

My fakehair love has taken a slightly different turn, I am an avid collector of Super Dollfie dolls
(abjd) and I currently have a very successful sideline making doll wigs in fur and making woolly doll falls and roving dread wigs! Dolls make such great models!

So, I am still very involved in Fakehair, just on a much smaller scale (literally!).

By day, I am an English Teacher of 11-18 year olds- they are not as scary as people think and I love my job. School work keeps me so busy- hence having to scale back my hair work!

That is me for now!
Me in a wig I modded :)

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