Why hello!

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Why hello!

Post by Rae » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:24 am

Hi everyone! This is Rae, formerly Zapevaj of the Heavenly Hair board and the ezboard before that. Good to see you all again. I've been a little bit absent lately, what with my "other job" and then the HH board dying. I'm very happy to see that everyone has taken to the new board with such gusto, and proud of all of you for still being the amazing and creative and inventive fake hair community.

About me, a bit: I live in Chicago, Illinois, but am originally from San Francisco, California. I started doing hair extensions for myself and my friends back in 2001, and started doing it professionally in 2003, when I moved to Chicago. In 2004 I named it Hair Alchemy, and I've been around ever since. I wrote a pinchbraid tutorial, and was a moderator on both the hair ezboard and the HH forums.

Outside of hair, I'm into music, bicycles, vegetarian cooking, and movies- I work as a set decorator for film and TV, which has pushed my extension work to the back burner. I still wear extensions, though, and love to discuss them and facilitate other people discussing them, so I'm happy the hairboards found a new home and hope you all populate it with awesome content!
ha1r 0f d00m! www.HairAlchemy.net

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Re: Why hello!

Post by LittlePinkFaery » Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:43 pm

just to let you know, Rae is no longer a Mod due to work commitments- but we welcome her back with openarms if this ever ease up :)

We hope to see Rae here when she has the time :)

Please do not PM Rae for anything.

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